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February 24th was a day that changed everything for millions of Ukrainians.


Can you imagine that one day your whole world is turned upside down? If you stay, you risk losing your life, along with your home, and your community. If you flee you are sure to lose your home, your culture, your country. You must do it as fast as you can; therefore, the only things you can take with you are things you can carry, most importantly being your documents and medicines. 

Project Details

Homes of Hope Global will be partnering with YWAM Kyiv, YWAM Cluj, and YWAM San Diego/Baja to restore the safety of home to those who have lost so much.

We will be building Homes of Hope emergency shelters for families in need in Ukraine.

Winter is extreme in the region, and people are in dire need of warm, secure and private shelter before the extremities of winter approach. The insulated homes are 20x10.5 feet, and made of thick panels that will keep families warm through the winter months. These Homes of Hope shelters can easily be disassembled and moved to a new location as needed.


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How to Give

Teams from across Europe and within Ukraine will work together to build these Homes of Hope emergency shelters from Aug 23 - Sept 4. The cost of each home is $5,500 for materials + $1,000 for furniture.

This process was our prototype for the emergency shelter homes. The final dimensions have changed to larger than this, but the process remains the same with the insulated panels so that the house can be portable.

Our goal is to build


We need to raise a total of:

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One day, a rocket unexpectedly hit the home of Natasha and Olya. Their father was feeding the chickens when the explosion hit, and it killed him. Their house was burned completely to the ground. All that they owned: gone. But their greatest loss was the father, provider and coverage of their family.  “All that was burned was built by dad,” they said. They currently don’t have a place to live. The YWAMers were able to give some temporary help, and we hope to give them warm shelter for the winter.


Sharing Hope with Those in Need

"We came to walk these streets, to enter broken homes and to look at devastation with HOPE. We take a step in boldness. It is boldness to claim that God cares, that God has not forgotten, that He can provide. As much as our hearts are breaking with grief and compassion, we are filled with HOPE. We walk with HOPE, holding God's hand and introducing this HOPE to people in tears." 

- Leader of YWAM Kyiv

As a ministry, Homes of Hope is thrilled to partner with YWAM Kyiv and help share HOPE to those in need. Please join us!
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